1 - Planning

The purpose of the video, target audience, and video type are determined before starting the project. According to the number of photos or real footage to be used, the duration of the video and how many videos will be prepared are decided.

In every project, at least two videos, short and long, are prepared according to your wishes. For you to upload all the content, a folder is created in google drive special for you and you can upload as much content as you want into this folder.


2 - Upload Files

Please upload photos or real footage at the highest resolution possible. If possible, it would be better you to load more than the number of contents of the package you purchased. For example, you can upload 10 or even 15 photos for a 5-photo project.

I can recommend the photos that will be most suitable and give the best results in terms of 3D world and visual effect application to you and I can help you to choose. Thus, the story and fiction of the video produced may even occur spontaneously. You can count on my advice and experience.


3 - Review All Sequence

Sample video is uploaded into google drive after being applied 3d and visual effect for each photo and real footage. We normally call the sample videos as sequences. Every photo of you becomes a sequence video. I inform you when each sequence is ready, I want you to download and review the sequence video on google drive.

You can report the effects you want to add or remove, camera movements, events and your changes and requests about all operations. Do not hesitate to ask for changes, to say parts you do not like and anything. I want you to know that I enjoy making different versions of the sequence for you.

You also have the right to cancel and replace it with other content if there is a sequence that is inappropriate and you dislike, or if we have chosen an incompatible photo that affects all sequences. I do not demand extra price for this transaction.


4 - Post Production

After all the sequences are finished, you can let me know the line list of the sequences in the video. For example, for a 5-photos project, like video 1 = Sequence 2-1-3-5-4 + logo or end titles. Normally, 5 or 7 sequences and closing with logo are ideal for a 1 minute video. You can report how many sequences will be in the video and how many seconds the video will be.

Since I prepared each sequence for at least 20 seconds; there is no limit to the number of videos, video duration, number of sequences and diversity. In the stage of post production, I will still present you the most suitable ranking, music selection, transition effects between sequences with video, and we will review and evaluate it before proceeding to the final stage.

If we have not done personal or corporate 2d / 3d logo animation beforehand, I recommend that you buy it from the store.


5 - Final Stage

When all the sample videos are ready, I want to upload them into google drive and want you to review for the last time.

If everything is complete and ok, I prepare master final versions of all videos and upload them into google drive.